Renumbering of halls and parking facilities RAI

  • August 01, 2016
  • RAI Amsterdam
  • News Video Venue

The opening of our new multifunctional parking garage means that some of the numbers of our halls and parking facilities have changed as of 1 August 2016. This will ensure that the different parts of our complex have correct and functional names and remain connected to each other in a logical way.

What is changing?

  • When used as exhibition locations, the ground floor of the Amtrium and the Elicium ballroom will now be given numbers for the first time: Hall 4 and Hall 13, respectively.
  • Halls 4 and 5 will in practice always be used together. We have therefore chosen to merge them under the heading Hall 5.
  • When used as an exhibition location, the multifunctional first floor of the new parking garage will be called Hall 9.
  • This will partly shift the numbering in the Holland Complex: Hall 9 will become Hall 11 and Hall 11 will become Hall 12 (Hall 10 stays Hall 10).
  • The new parking garage will be called P4 from 1 August. Therefore the number of the work terraces next to the Holland Complex will shift to P5a and P5b.

All other names and numbers will remain the same.

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