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With a surface area of 112,200 m2, the RAI complex requires a considerable amount of maintenance. The building and interior of RAI Amsterdam always have to be in good condition, look representative and function at their best. This is why we are always grateful to use the summer period, when there are only a few events in the RAI, to carry out the necessary maintenance.

One of the activities this summer involved repairing a major leak in garage P2, then renewing the paving above to ensure the square in front of the complex is in good order. The zebra crossing next to the Elicium was also raised to prevent accidents. We believe this offers a much safer and better organised crossing at a place where RAI visitors intersect with cyclists on their way to the Beatrix Park.

In addition, we repainted the façade and cleaned the window frames of the Grand Café to give them a fresher appearance for residents and visitors alike. The access from the Europa Boulevard and the road infrastructure were also improved by adding a roundabout in anticipation of the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, which is currently under construction.

These are just a few of the many activities carried out over the summer period.

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