RAI Insights: No shine without friction

Trend report RAI Amsterdam provides valuable insights and ideas for shaping events – today and tomorrow

There is a paradigm shift underway, and it’s made up of lots of smaller changes. We are moving towards an era in which the choices we make have an impact on more aspects of society than ever before. How are these global and local changes impacting the meeting and experiential marketing industry? Where's the friction? In the new RAI Insights trend report ten general questions are addressed that can help event professionals identify various important issues, with tips given to ensure that events shine in the light of today's and tomorrow's trends.

Why change now?
The desire and enthusiasm to embrace change has never been greater. We all expect flawless experiences which deliver value, content, contacts and fun with tech, ROI and cutting edge experiences. And we are willing to experiment to find even better solutions, as Sanne Jolles, market research manager at RAI Amsterdam, explains: “This trend report contains ten general questions that can help you identify some important issues – and some tips to ensure that your events shine in the light of today’s and tomorrow’s trends. This includes learning from the experience of international event professionals that cuts to the pith of the matter: best practice and fast forward. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share their insights.

The 10 frictions are as follows:

  1. Offline vs online
  2. Large vs small
  3. Together vs alone
  4. Live vs recorded
  5. Letting go vs keeping control
  6. Sharp focus vs blurred lines
  7. Inside vs outside
  8. Professional vs amateur
  9. Business vs pleasure
  10. Old vs new.

RAI Insights gives ideas for event professionals per friction. For example – Inside vs outside: on how to use different spaces – or how to use spaces differently. One option is to go outside your comfort zone and look for behind-the-scenes spaces, kitchens, garages, even moving space. Anything is possible.

Inspiration for the future
All this and much more besides can be read in the RAI Insights trend report. Based upon the experiences of international event professionals, it is essential reading for all who have a stake in the future of events and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. The RAI Insights trend report can be downloaded here.

Previous RAI Insights trend reports were about: Generation X & Y, Connected Society and Future-proof events.

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