RAI Insights: How to increase the impact of your business event

RAI Amsterdam convention centre researches the customer journey of visitors
How can organisers successfully translate a carefully arranged event from the drawing board into reality and create the best possible event for visitors? And how can they increase the success of their event? RAI Amsterdam examined these issues based upon customer journeys before, during and after an event. Its findings have now been published in the report ‘RAI Insights: how to increase the impact of your business event’

Increasing the value of events
The report offers a detailed insight into the requirements of business event visitors at all stages of the customer journey. The report provides practical tools that will help organisers reach visitors, provide them with optimal information, bring them into contact with each other, and increase the value of their event.

“One of the things the research showed is that many visitors only decide what they want to see and do once they have arrived at the event,” says Market Research Manager Sanne Jolles. “Organisers can play into this by providing them with tools for organising their day as soon as they arrive. From proper signage to a prep room, from matchmaking to napping zones, there are a broad range of options to increase the effectiveness of events. This report provides a clear overview.”

Customer journey research
RAI Amsterdam carried out the research with Unplugged (part of Makerstreet), mapping out customer journeys based on the input of RAI event specialists, supplemented by visitor observations and interviews. The following stage of the research looked into the expectations of a broad group of B2B visitors via a survey. Finally, the journey was tested among exhibitors and organisers. The result is an accessible report with many practical tips that provides links to various solutions.

Download the report
‘RAI Insights: how to increase the impact of your business event’ offers know-how and inspiration for everyone involved in event organisation, and can be downloaded here.
Previous RAI Insights trend reports focused on subjects such as ‘Generation X & Y’, ‘The connected society’, ‘Future-proof events’ and ‘No shine without friction’.

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