RAI and Senz agreement

Amsterdam RAI and Sensz have signed an agreement for a progressive partnership in the field of food safety. As a renowned event, conference and exhibition centre, the RAI considers food safety a top priority.

“The attractive way we report and digitise our audits allows us to be even more transparent for our customers in our cooperation with Sensz,” states Jules Broex, operations director at RAI Amsterdam.

Sensz is an independent quality management organisation and specialist in the field of food safety, and a partner for the RAI in carrying out audits and providing result-oriented advice. “The cooperation between Sensz and the RAI links very well with the RAI’s ambition to create an impulse for innovation in the process of food safety,” says Rosmaryn Wesselman, managing director of Sensz. “Clear and colourful digital reporting allows for full transparency and enables a fast and efficient follow-up.”

RAI Amsterdam intends to make the relevant information clearly available via screens for the involved employees at all key locations in the complex. The cooperation with Sensz is a way for RAI Amsterdam to express its ambition to comply with the Waarborg Voedselveiligheid food safety certificate. This is a recognised self-control system in which the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) expresses its confidence in an organisation, allowing for a green rating and reduced oversight by the NVWA.

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