RAI Amsterdam supports Salvation Army

The Salvation Army neighbourhood centre Bij Bosshardt in the north of Amsterdam treats its guests to a free lunch every Thursday. This initiative is now sponsored by RAI Amsterdam, which will give unused products from its kitchens a valuable new destination. This new pilot project will hopefully lead to a successful partnership that benefits the centre’s 50 guests.
Stimulating meetings
Like RAI Amsterdam, Bij Bosshardt revolves around bring people together. The neighbourhood centre is mainly focused on those who struggle with interpersonal contact, encouraging meetings by providing a warm lunch. “We and our guests are truly grateful that the Thursday lunch is being supplemented with such great food that we can offer free of charge,” says Yvonne van Lambalgen, Salvation Army Captain. “This allows us to come into contact with more people who often cannot afford a lunch and who don’t visit the centre on other days.”

Heartwarming Amsterdam
The cooperation with the Salvation Army is based on the Heartwarming Amsterdam concept; an initiative whereby the kitchen staff of RAI Amsterdam strive to provide added value to the city and region. The pilot project will be evaluated and possibly expanded in a few months’ time.

RAI Amsterdam and sustainability
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of RAI Amsterdam's strategy. We do our part to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, which were formulated to make the world a better place by 2030. By attracting local suppliers, providing students with training and work experience, and offering opportunities to people who are disadvantaged in the labour market, among other activities, we stimulate the welfare and development of Amsterdam and the surrounding region.

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