RAI Amsterdam donates listed sculpture by André Volten to Stedelijk Museum

RAI Amsterdam is donating a listed sculpture by André Volten, one of the most important post-WWII Dutch sculptors, to the Stedelijk Museum. The RAI purchased the artwork from the artist in 1968 to celebrate the construction of the Amstel Hall, and then loaned it permanently to the Stedelijk Museum, which exhibited it in its gardens until 1987. Since 1998 the sculpture has been a feature in the Siegerpark in the New West district of Amsterdam.

Called ‘Constructie in din 2.0’, the two-metre-high steel sculpture was made in 1966 from welded segments of double T-beams. The base rests on two small T-segments from where the sculpture fans out in three directions to create two towers of uneven height.

“The sculpture has found a great home in the Siegerpark,” says Jan van den Bosch, Convention Centre Production & Facilities director at RAI Amsterdam. “The RAI Complex does not have suitable space for the piece, and we are pleased to transfer management of the sculpture to the Stedelijk Museum, where it will benefit from a great artistic environment.”

Beatrix Ruf, director of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: “We are delighted with this donation, which is a great addition to the artworks of André Volten we already have in our collection. It is also one of the most elaborate examples of his voluminous stacked sculptures, which makes it an even more valuable piece. Moreover, the quality of the work shows how important it is to have artistically high-quality art in the public space so that it can be enjoyed by a broad audience outside of the museum walls.”

Photo (left to right): Hans Bakker (CEO RAI Amsterdam), Beatrix Ruf (director Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) and Jan van den Bosch (Convention Centre Production & Facilities director)

Photographer: Tomek Dersu Aaron

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