RAI Amsterdam and TrueTalk offer innovative B2B marketing concept

Exhibitions offer marketers an excellent opportunity to enter into a live dialogue with their target audience. With the launch of the Café Bepp concept, companies will have a new and innovative platform available at every RAI exhibition. Café Bepp is an ideal place for visitors to share their customer experiences and requests, helping companies become more innovative. The concept is an initiative by RAI Amsterdam and TrueTalk, the agency for insight-driven marketing.

Exhibitions are an ideal platform for marketing and innovation
Acquiring market knowledge is essential. Modern businesses aim to innovate quickly and dynamically, and Café Bepp responds directly to this need by offering products and services that accelerate agile innovation. It serves as a platform where TrueTalk can gather market research among specific target audiences. Exhibitions are great places for innovation, and Café Bepp enables companies to enter a conversation with their target audience in real time.

The first Café Bepp (which gets its name from the Dutch word for conversing) was organised in 2013 as part of the Huishoudbeurs exhibition. This experience was followed by others, and there is now a demand for a B2B version which would involve visitors to the Dutch and international exhibitions organised by the RAI. The next exhibition to feature the Café Bepp concept will be Horecava in January 2016.

Bart van de Ven, Director of TrueTalk, emphasises the strong points of the partnership. “RAI Amsterdam has unique expertise in connecting people and companies. Its many diverse exhibitions give businesses access to a wide range of audiences. We are delighted to be able to make a major contribution to the innovative capacity of the companies who exhibit at the RAI.”

Marieke Visser, director of marketing and Dutch titles at RAI Exhibitions, continues: “The greatest asset of exhibitions is the direct, face-to-face contact they provide. The new Café Bepp concept lets us offer exhibitors a new opportunity to enter into genuine dialogue with their target audience and get more out of their interactions with visitors. By partnering with TrueTalk, we can significantly enhance the added value of exhibitions for our customers.

Innovation in the limelight
Café Bepp fits with a trend within RAI Amsterdam to place innovation squarely in the limelight at exhibitions. Another example of this tendency was the introduction in March this year of the InnovationLAB, a concept which gives pioneering products and ideas an important platform at every exhibition. For more information, visit www.cafebepp.com.

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