Quistrebert brothers secure World Masters of Projection Mapping award

For technical and production excellence of their work STRIPES 5
Today Florian and Michael Quistrebert were announced as the winner for their mag-nificent participation in the very first edition of the World Masters of Projection Map-ping, at the Awards Ceremony at Integrated Systems Europe 2018. This World Mas-ters of Projection Mapping is a joint venture initiative from Amsterdam Light Festival, Integrated Systems Europe and RAI Amsterdam.

The announcement comes after a three-week period, during which some of the world’s leading video artists projected their artworks onto Amsterdam’s multifaceted EYE Filmmuseum. The specific award for Stripes 5 recognises The Best Use of Location and Technology. In total, five artists were chosen to show their artworks on the building. The challenge for them was both creative and technical.

The other finalists honoured at the ceremony were: Geert Mul; Alida Dors and Manuel Rodrigues; Telcosystems; Eder Santos. The selection of the finalists was carried out through close collaboration between EYE Filmmuseum and Amsterdam Light Festival.

The International Jury who judged the finalists on 8 February comprised:

  • Lennart Booij - Artistic Director of Amsterdam Light Festival (Jury Chair);
  • Jaap Gul-demond - Director of Exhibitions EYE Filmmuseum;
  • Marente Bloemheuvel - Associate Curator of EYE Filmmuseum;
  • Jozef Hey - Founder and Owner of BeamSystems;
  • Giny Vos - Artist;
  • Paul James - Editor in Chief, ARC Magazine;
  • Hartmut Kulessa - Panasonic Europe.

Lennart Booij commented on the winning entry: “The jury were very complimentary about the composition and the use of the building in this display, including its underside. The artwork also answers the question presented by the challenges of projecting onto a large surface. Creatively, it is graphically very strong and reflects on art disciplines such as ‘op art’ and early abstract cinema.”

The winning artwork and the four finalists can still be seen today and Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 February on EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam. Due to great success, the dis-play period was extended with two more days. Artworks are shown from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.

Technical Partners: Panasonic; Disguise; Alcons Audio; Lightware.

Creative Partners: EYE Filmmuseum; BeamSystems

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