Opportunity for visitors and standholders to donate items

RAI Amsterdam will be experimenting with a donation programme to ensure that usable items left after large exhibitions or events are given a new lease of life. Donation rooms will be opened within the event complex to receive items that social organisations have indicated can be put to good use.

The programme will start in September during the world’s largest media, entertainment and technology exhibition, the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC). This event attracts some 55,000 people a year and welcomes companies from around the world to showcase their innovative products in RAI Amsterdam. The experimental donation rooms will be available for items such as food, furniture, plants & flowers, electronics, decorative items, office equipment and hobby materials. 

Supporting good causes
The RAI will be linking the donations to the needs of social organisations which can benefit significantly from the (as good as new) free items. This includes the Amsterdam food bank, Humanitas, the Salvation Army and health-care organisation Cordaan. Other interested social organisations in the city are still welcome to register for the RAI’s donation programme. 

“We have seen that we can help many local initiatives with the items that are left over,” says Stephanie Mathas, who is responsible for the project within the RAI. “So why wouldn’t we? It also means that nothing goes unused and value is preserved. Where a chair would previously have been thrown out and seen as waste, we can now offer it to a party which has indicated that it will find a use for it. This allows us to increase our (added) social value and combat any waste of unexploited value.” 

Other valuable initiatives
RAI Amsterdam has started several other programmes that support social initiatives, including providing space to organisations which do not have a budget to pay regular rent. Over the past year the RAI has offered space to dozens of organisations based on availability, enabling them to have their neighbourhood or annual meetings. Hospitality was offered to parties such as Humanitas, AIESEC and PACT Amsterdam, a book presentation about Jewish homes was given, and a meeting held related to ‘We Make The City’. The RAI assesses every case individually.

Another initiative from the same programme involved a request from a live-in care facility for people with dementia. The organisation asked whether the RAI could help realise an in-house theatre in its Torendael facility. The RAI contributed various materials and left-over items from within the company which were given a new life. In addition, the RAI’s network also contributed, with donations from suppliers such as ACS Audiovisual Solutions, Mansveld Expotech, Schreuder Tentoonstellingstapijt and Expo Flora Harmelen. “Our communication colleagues also brainstormed about the name of the theatre,” adds Mathas. “It’s all about how we can be of social value through and thanks to our operations.” 

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