Online becomes offline at the Huishoudbeurs

Huishoudbeurs: the place to meet famous fit girls, foodies and vloggers.
This year’s edition of the Huishoudbeurs, the largest consumer exhibition in the Netherlands, features a platform dedicated to online influencers. ‘Bring your blog/vlog to life’ offers visitors the chance to meet their internet idols, and includes (Dutch) celebs such as Nanne Meijer, Rens Kroes and Dear Good Morning. The platform is active offline during the opening hours of the exhibition. The 71st edition of the Huishoudbeurs takes place from Saturday 20 to Sunday 28 February in RAI Amsterdam.

The 50-plus participating influencers have a joint following of over four million people. Rens Kroes, famous for ‘Powerfood’ (287,000 followers on Instagram) will inspire visitors with tips on a happy & healthy lifestyle during her meet & greet. Kroes will also be signing her new book Powerfood. Van Friesland naar New York.

From Girlsworld problems to live shows
In cooperation with the Dutch YouTube Gathering (DYTG) the event includes a programme with young vloggers popular among the younger generations. This includes big names like the Kolster sisters of ‘Girlsworld problems’, Nina Houston, and Ronald Vledder of ‘HetGamePortaal’ who will share the secrets of their success.

Vlogger Nanne Meijer is using the platform to film a special episode for his channel ‘Brandstof’. During the first weekend of the Huishoudbeurs he is exchanging his home for the exhibition floor be surprised by the visitors joining him at his table. The show can be seen via his own YouTube channel which has weekly visitor numbers of over 60,000 people.

From workout to Huishoudbeurs
Lienke de Jong, better known as ‘Dear Good Morning’, who shares a motivational selfie with her 44,000 followers on Instagram every morning, will be heading to the Huishoudbeurs after finishing her workout on Friday and Saturday to inspire visitors and give them tips to become the best possible morning person.

The girls from ‘Get out of your fatsuit’ are known on the internet for their change of lifestyle, and sharing their personal moments of success with their followers on a daily basis. During the Huishoudbeurs visitors can join their workout and receive more tips for a healthier lifestyle.

The faces behind ‘Fetching Tigers’ and ‘Legally Brunette’ are giving visitors the opportunity to ask questions about photography for Instagram, while other bloggers offer tips in the field of fashion, beauty and travel. Food bloggers will be cooking and sharing their latest favourites live at the event.

Practical information Huishoudbeurs 2016
The Huishoudbeurs takes place from 20 to 28 February 2016 in RAI Amsterdam and the main sponsors are Miss Etam and Leaseplan. The exhibition is open daily from 11.00 to 18.00, and on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February from 11.00 to 22.00. Festival Fantastique (Hall 2) and Happy & Healthy (Elicium) are open daily from 10.00. More information:

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