New sustainable chef's whites for RAI Amsterdam

The RAI considers waste as material looking for a new destination rather than something to be thrown away. At the recent Horecava 2019 trade show, RAI Amsterdam introduced its new chef’s whites made from a unique material especially designed for reuse. Instead of being seen as waste, the old outfits will be used as a resource for new clothing. 

The new line of chef’s whites was designed by Persu and developed by Dutch Awearness, a pioneer in the transition from a linear to a circular economy in the field of clothing.

“Recycling the chef’s whites is fully in line with the sustainable ambitions of the RAI,” says Rientz Mulder, Executive Chef at RAI Amsterdam. The strategy and business model of the RAI are aimed at finding a healthy balance between social (people), ecological (planet) and economic (profit) value creation. The new chef’s whites were presented at the Horecava in early January, the trade show for and by professionals in the foodservice industry.

Photo: Suzanne Hulscher (RAI), Paul Conijn (RAI), Richard Bouwman (RAI), Jan Willem Weebers (Persu), Rienz Mulder (RAI) en Huib Vreeken (RAI)


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