Meal delivery service Deliveroo brings its own kitchens to our backyard

Meal delivery service Deliveroo launched its innovative new RooBox concept during the Horecava hospitality exhibition (9 to 12 January 2017). The RooBox is a flexible kitchen that can be rented by associated restaurants to prepare meals which are then delivered in the area by Deliveroo couriers. An extra location can meet the growing demand for deliveries while allowing Deliveroo to extend the range of available products. Last weekend saw two containers, converted into fully equipped kitchens, open their doors on the RAI premises.

The RooBox concept offers a relatively low-cost way of expanding for Deliveroo Nederland and its first associated restaurants Braai, Sla and Salsa Shop. The food and beverage segment in Amsterdam is fairly saturated, and new locations are expensive and hard to find. Because Deliveroo only delivers in a limited range around restaurants, a RooBox at the RAI premises will help unlock a lucrative new sales area.

With this partnership RAI Amsterdam is helping create added value for the city of Amsterdam in an innovative way. In London, the home of Deliveroo, the company has been using its location kitchens since April 2016. The Netherlands is the second country in which the concept is being introduced.

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