Kick-off: 7 tips for a successful start to the new event season

How can you make your event as successful as possible? From innovation to sustainability, from technologies to strategy, the experts at RAI Amsterdam share tips and advice based on their own experiences in practice. Here you will find the best-read blogs from the previous season to help you kick off the new event year. 

Making room for innovation
Innovation is in many cases the main reason why people visit an event, says RAI COO Maurits van der Sluis. In this blog, Maurits shares his vision on the importance of innovation and how it is possible for organisers to be the driver behind it, further increasing the relevance of their event. Claar van Ittersum uses the RAI’s InnovationLAB platform to illustrate how innovation can be given a concrete position at an exhibition, taking into account the nature of the audience and the event itself. 

From dance event to Hollywood scenarios
Events are constantly developing. Take dance events, for example, as DJs have become brands while festivals offer a total experience. What does this involve and how can this inspire other events? Ellen Dekker shares her insights based on the show by DJ Martin Garrix in the RAI during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Business events are already learning a great deal from the entertainment industry. The Safety Security Amsterdam exhibition, for instance, used a film as a basis for making sensitive topics accessible. Nynke Lipsius explains how. 

Technology as both foundation and added value
By considering technological options in advance, you can ensure that all networks work swiftly and smoothly, presentations are shown on screen without delay and visitor registration systems function effectively. Wi-Fi may seem self-explanatory but demands attention too. Technology can also be used proactively to increase the effectiveness of an event, for instance by recording certain segments to increase and extend your range. The tips provided by Pim Schoonderwoerd and Paul Hassink explain how technology can add value to your event.

Sustainable: the new standard
Sustainability obviously revolves around preventing negative impact. Take separating waste during events, for example. How you can do this properly is explained by Josieke Moens. In addition, your event could also have an actively positive effect on people, society and the environment. If you would like to learn how, read the blog by Stephanie Mathas. 

Organising practical issues
When all practical issues are going smoothly you’ll not hear a peep. But when things start going wrong this can have an immediate impact on the entire event experience. The answer is not to leave things to chance. The main tip from our experts is to confer with the venue from the start. With regards to the safety of your event, Rik Hoogendoorn provides a clear approach in seven steps. And have you properly secured privacy elements? Pauline Bottema has some up-to-date tips to share. Of course exhibitions also involve a lot of traffic, both from visitors and during the build-up and breakdown of the event. The best way to manage your logistics falls under the expertise of Wim Braakman. Last but not least, good food and drinks are one of the main preconditions for a successful event. Our chef Rientz Mulder shared the latest trends in the field of catering.

Taking care of exhibitors
Remco Pot knows that while exhibitors enjoy participating in an event they are not so enamoured with having to set up their stand. Thankfully, venues and organisers can do a lot to make it as easy as possible for exhibitors, with clear options and an easy ordering system. And to take this practical support a step further, Norman Lenden has tips for exhibitors to increase the ROI from their participation with a well thought-out approach to marketing and sales before, during and after the event. 

Generating value
Every organiser likes to create value for exhibitors and visitors alike. You can achieve this by facilitating business, networking, knowledge and fun. Although these value factors are more difficult to measure than the square metrage or visitor numbers, ultimately they are what matters most. RAI COO Maurits van der Sluis shares his vision on the future; can we expect new business models that are more based on these value factors? And how can we use them to create new opportunities?

This is the first blog of the new season. Our experts will be sharing their experiences and expertise with you throughout the year. 

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