HISWA 2016: a feast for the senses

The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show treats visitors to scents as well as sights and sensations

In addition to the hundreds of new boats, parts and accessories that visitors can see and touch at the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show, this year’s event will offer something that will also appeal to visitors’ sense of smell. In partnership with Formatie Schipper, special equipment will be installed in the entrance of the Europa Complex in RAI Amsterdam. The equipment will dispense a maritime fragrance so that people experience the start of the new sailing season in a fresh new way. The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show, the largest watersport event in the Netherlands, will take place from 16 to 20 March in RAI Amsterdam.

The smell of water
“Visitors can come to us for almost everything in the field of boating, from boats up to ten metres in length and a full range of parts and accessories to fun activities for young and old,” exhibition manager Joost Ringeling says. “However, there is one sensory stimulus that is common on the water but missing in RAI Amsterdam: smell. This is why we were instantly excited when Carl Schipper of Formatie Schipper came up with the idea to make the entrance of the HISWA exhibition smell like Dutch waters and the sea.”

A HISWA aroma
Visitors to the HISWA exhibition will enjoy their first scent experience as soon as they enter RAI Amsterdam. Special equipment will distribute a special HISWA aroma in the entrance, which Schipper developed with specialist company Air Aroma. “The scent will be disseminated in a very subtle way and can be described as sporty, fresh, typically Dutch and dynamic,” Ringeling explains. “It will smell like water. This will allow the organisers to give an extra dimension to the event and the visitors’ total experience.”

About the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show
The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the largest watersport event in the Netherlands. With hundreds of boats (up to ten metres in length) and a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for every type of vessel, it is an exciting event for all sailors. The exhibition is also the ideal way to start the new sailing season. This year’s event will take place in RAI Amsterdam from 16 to 20 March. More information can be found via the website www.hiswarai.nl, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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