Hello-Bike goes live at RAI Amsterdam

The RAI has had its own Hello-Bike drop zone since mid-June. Hello-Bike is an easy-to-use bicycle sharing system: users simply reserve a bike and retrieve it from one of the indicated distribution points via an app. The bicycles are easily recognisable by their eye-catching red colour and Hello-Bike logo. The system works by using GPS zones, which makes it highly flexible.

Hello-Bike has a number of distribution points, including one at RAI Amsterdam. The other locations in Amsterdam are Gelderlandplein, Gustav Mahlerplein, Gustav Mahlerlaan, the Amstelveenseweg metro station, Antonio Vivaldistraat, VU University Medical Centre, Beethovenplein and the main building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The only thing users need to access the bicycles is to download the Hello-Bike app in the App Store or via Google Play. After a one-time registration, Hello-Bike is ready to use! Payment is made via automatic charging.
For more information, see www.hello-bike.net

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