Future trends at Horecava 2018: from worm hotel to Google Food

The 62nd edition of the Horecava trade show started on Monday 8 January and is focused on circularity and technology. We live in a fast changing world with a rapid succession of technological developments and trends in the food service and hospitality sector. These go hand in hand with a growing interest in craftsmanship and sustainability. How this will be expressed in the future is one of the focal points of the exhibition, which runs until Thursday 11 January in RAI Amsterdam.

Innovation & TrendLAB
The Innovation & TrendLAB features innovations related to four future movements: technology, circularity, identity and third places. There is a special focus on stimulating the senses, giving visitors hew opportunity to see, taste and experience the latest trends and gain insight into the future of the food service and hospitality industry. The items on show include:

  • Worm hotel: The Urban Composter is a vermicomposting unit (or worm hotel) that converts organic waste into a rich soil nutrient locally or on site. Ten of these units are already in use in Amsterdam and one is featured on the exhibition floor.
  • Washing hands without contact: A fully contactless ‘hand cleaning and care system’ that washes, dries, disinfects and hydrates hands automatically using 85% less water and reducing soap consumption.
  • 3D Food Printing: See, taste, smell, hear and feel how 3D Food Printing actually works. This unit prints ingredients such as vegetables and fruit, chocolate and marzipan and fresh herbs into edible works of art. To what extent will chefs become obsolete in the future?

Delivery Drone & Cannabis Burger in fast service
Hall 9 revolves entirely around Fast Casual and On the Move concepts which address trends for quick, tasty, healthy and sustainable food and drinks at high traffic locations such as petrol stations, airports and bus stations. The fast service outlets allow visitors to experience current trends via demonstrations and workshops and learn how to adapt them to today’s consumers. From Tuesday 9 January, visitors can taste the Netherlands’ first-ever Cannabis Burger in the fast food zone of the Horecava. The hall also features a demonstration of meal delivery by drone; the pizza delivery courier of the future.

Michiel Bakker of Google Food Services as opening speaker
Bakker is also hosting a keynote around the theme ‘How to use food and drink to increase the performance of your employees’. Google Food aims to stimulate the culture, cooperation and innovation on the work floor via positive food experiences, with a focus on access to healthy and tasty food. Besides being a personal and cultural activity, food largely involves social interaction which brings people and new ideas together.

A Beautiful Mess – refugee restaurant food truck
Helping refugees find their bearings, training them and enabling them to start careers as top-quality hospitality professionals is the mission of A Beautiful Mess. This restaurant in the former ‘Bijlmer Bajes’ prison in Amsterdam was set up by the Refugee Company. The restaurant is attending the exhibition with a food truck in the Food Hall (hall 7), made available for the Horecava by the Food Truck Company. The goal is to raise money for the organisation’s own food truck via crowdfunding.

From source to plate in the Netherlands
This segment with over 24 regional suppliers from all 12 Dutch provinces enables visitors to learn about healthy local products. There will be two three-hour cooking sessions a day as renowned Dutch chefs prepare meals with regional products together with top chef Heinz Reitbauer from Vienna (Nr. 10 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants). The focus is on regional gastronomy and future farming (precision agriculture based on data & technology).

About Horecava
Horecava, the largest national trade exhibition for professionals in the food service & hospitality industry, takes place in RAI Amsterdam from Monday 8 to Thursday 11 January 2018. The exhibition is open one hour longer than previous years, namely from 10.00 to 18.00, and the same ticket gives visitors access to the exhibition on multiple days. More information is available via www.horecava.nl. Horecava is also active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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