Final foundation pile laid for new multifunctional RAI Parking building

The final foundation pile of the RAI Amsterdam’s new multifunctional parking building was laid on Wednesday 25 November 2015. The symbolic act was performed by Sebastiaan Capel, chairman of the Amsterdam South district council, and Hans Bakker, CEO of RAI Amsterdam. With parking for 1,000 cars, the RAI will increase its capacity to the desired level of 4,000 spaces. A unique feature of the building is the multifunctional first floor which can also be used as an event space.

Parking and exhibitions under one roof
As the growth of the Zuidas business district in the past decade has caused various parking areas near the RAI complex to disappear, RAI Amsterdam decided to build a new parking structure with 1,000 spaces. The RAI Parking building will be situated on the motorway side of the RAI, between Halls 8 and 10, and be taken into use in August 2016. A genuinely unique feature of the multifunctional building is its first floor, which has a double ceiling height and will be fitted out with event facilities. There is a direct connection to the surrounding halls at the RAI and the space can be used as a supplementary exhibition space of some 2,500 square metres.

Meeting parking demands
Once the new car park is complete the RAI will have over 4,000 spaces on its own premises. This will allow it to better meet the demands of the sort of large, international, multi-day events that take place in the exhibition and conference centre.

The design was developed by architect Mels Crouwel from Benthem Crouwel Architekten, based on the strict urban planning requirements of the Zuidas district and the ESPA standards. Commercial property developer Aan de Stegge Twello is realising the project based on the Design & Build contracting method, in which it has the responsibility for further developing the design and realising the building. Res & Smit from Amsterdam is responsible for the contract and project management for the project on behalf of RAI Amsterdam.

Future Vision RAI
This latest RAI Amsterdam project results from the (Spatial) Future Vision RAI report, drawn up by RAI Amsterdam in cooperation with Amsterdam City Council’s Zuidas Service. The new facility illustrates the RAI’s ongoing commitment to investing in sustainable innovation and strengthening its position as an internationally leading exhibition and conference centre.

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