Volunteers help make Aquatech major success of community donation room

RAI Amsterdam concluded Aquatech 2019 on 8 November with a second Donation Room organised together with a Donation Team made up of volunteers from the Salvation Army, Puur Zuid, Humanitas, Buurtgebouw HdK and Zone3. Exhibitors were again able to hand in a wide range of items that will be put to good use by the associated social initiatives. The enthusiasm of those giving and especially that of the Donation Team was truly heartwarming!

The Donation Team volunteers from the various associated initiatives said that they felt like they were being introduced to a whole new world: “Sometimes we really have to search for items and options, and here people are giving them away.” At the same time, the exhibitors were pleased to be able to hear directly from the volunteers how their donated items would be used. The bringing together of these two worlds was described as a valuable experience by both sides.

In addition, the venture brought together volunteers from various organisations in one Donation Team. “It was great to work together in this project and get to know each other,” commented one of the volunteers. The collaboration resulted in a high degree of enthusiasm and lots of happy faces as the many useful items were being collected. While the previous Donation Room at the IBC exhibition resulted in mainly furniture items being donated, the Aquatech room also received a wide range of other donations such as plants and bottles of soft drinks, water and wine. We are currently making an inventory of all items before assigning them to the associated initiatives.

Many beverages, snacks, bags, plants, pens and the like will be distributed via the Salvation Army. Various herbal plants will be used for the Buurzaam Koken initiative, while the chefs at Puur Zuid will use soft drinks and wine during a Christmas brunch for vulnerable neighbourhood residents. More wine, soft drinks, plants and furniture will be repurposed by Buurtgebouw HdK with the remaining furniture items going to Humanitas.

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