Designer clothing for RAI employees by Liselore Frowijn

The young Dutch designer Liselore Frowijn has created a new line of clothing for RAI Amsterdam. Frowijn was introduced to the RAI by Dutch fashion designer Frans Molenaar, and this was the last collection overseen by him prior to his death in 2015. The employees will be receiving new outfits that radiate the same ideas as the company itself: welcoming, professional and always ready to receive guests from all over the world. The clothes were presented at a fashion show at the RAI Amtrium on Tuesday, 19 April.

Ready for a new look
“We receive people from all over the world every day at the RAI,” comments RAI Amsterdam CEO Paul Riemens. “Clothing is important in this context, as it is a form of business card when seen by our guests. Given the introduction of our new corporate identity, we also wanted to give our attire a makeover. The goal was to create new clothing inspired by the RAI.” Thanks to Frans Molenaar, RAI Amsterdam found in Liselore Frowijn the perfect designer to translate the industrial look and feel of the Convention Centre into an appropriate dress code for the employees.

Giving new talent a chance
RAI Amsterdam always likes to work with young talent, and commissioned Liselore to design something unique inspired by the RAI style. “The RAI complex, and in particular the Europa Hall, was an important source of inspiration for me,” Liselore says. “The nice thing about this project was the variety in designs: I made everything from uniforms for facilities employees to evening wear for event staff. I think that my designs were an authentic interpretation of what the RAI wished to convey with the new clothes. I can’t wait to see such a large group of people walk around in my designs.”

About Liselore Frowijn
Liselore (born in 1991) is based in Amsterdam. She completed a bachelor’s degree in fashion design at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem and graduated cum laude in 2013 with her collection ‘Afternoon of a replicant’. This collection won Liselore the Frans Molenaar Prize in July 2013. She also won the Prix Chloé at the Festival international de mode et de photographie in Hyères in 2014 with her design for Chloé. In January 2015, Liselore had a show alongside Avelon and Edwin Oudshoorn during the opening night of Amsterdam Fashion Week. In 2016 she opened her collection ‘Let's hear it for the lions’ at the Paris Fashion Week.

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