Conscious Experience Convention concept wins Start up your Event pitch

The winner of the ‘Start Up Your Event’ pitch was announced during the first day of IMEX America on 10 October. The Conscious Experience Convention by Loving Events was chosen as the best new idea in RAI Amsterdam’s global contest to find the most groundbreaking exhibition concepts.

On Wednesday 7 June – Global Exhibitions Day – RAI Amsterdam launched a global initiative to support new exhibition concepts. Prospective participants in the ‘Start Up Your Event’ pitch competition were offered the chance to win both exhibition space at the RAI Amsterdam convention centre and access to the RAI’s unrivalled knowledge and expertise in organising events.

Four entries eventually reached the final stage of submitting their concepts. The choice of winner reflected the fact that the topics of health and wellbeing are very much at the heart of global discussions. “Burn-out based on stress at work has become increasingly common and the need to find a suitable life-work balance is recognised as being of keen interest to the next generation,” announced the jury. “The core idea of Loving Events of developing a successful convention in this area is very much in the spirit of this start-up competition”.

“Developing a first-rate exhibition concept is a process with many dimensions,” says RAI Amsterdam COO Maurits van der Sluis. “In addition to high-quality, state-of-the-art facilities, a powerful concept also requires a strong focus on issues such as event design, community management and data-driven marketing. This is why we introduced this initiative – to support organisers with our expertise and help them successfully launch their exhibition. We specifically reserved the pitch for first editions or exhibition start-ups and look forward to translating this promising concept into a successful event together with Loving Events.”

The submitted exhibition concepts were evaluated by an international jury of well-known professionals from the events sector. The jury looked at aspects such as value creation for the selected target group/community, brand positioning, feasibility, the degree of innovation, and the overall potential. The winning exhibition will be held in RAI Amsterdam in Q4, 2018.

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