Collaboration Interclean and AMREF Flying Doctors

In early March, Interclean participated in AHAIC 2019: Africa Health Agenda International Conference (a conference organized by Amref with the aim of making healthcare available to everyone in Africa), to promote the Interclean Healthcare Cleaning Forum and from a RAI perspective, to support AMREF’s initiative. The Healthcare Cleaning Forum is a program which aims to bridge the gap between the cleaning world and healthcare.

There is a lot of interest from Africa for Healthcare Cleaning but we were surprised by the enthusiasm of the participants. About 1500 Africans attended the conference that took place in Rwanda and we spoke to doctors and IP specialists from all over the region. We have received a lot of interest to facilitate our program, a relatively simple way to prevent infections in hospitals, in Africa. As a result of this, we will investigate whether it could be interesting to organize a Healthcare Cleaning Forum in Africa and will talk with AMREF and our stakeholders about the possibilities.

AMREF invited us for an official reception at the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali, which was a special visit and clearly demonstrated that AMREF has a great network in Africa. We have been committed to Amref Flying Doctors since 2005 and we are proud to use our knowledge, expertise and resources.

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