Circular wood chip waste processing at RAI Amsterdam

As a leading exhibition and conference venue RAI Amsterdam has lots of waste to process and separate. One of these waste streams involves high-quality wood too valuable for the dump and the RAI is therefore looking for partners to use and upgrade these chips.

Separating waste streams
The RAI organises a wide range of events, conferences, congresses and exhibitions, each of which has its own setup and brings its own materials. This results in lots of waste to process, including materials which are of a high quality. The RAI aims to process its waste in a sustainable way and separates it together with recycling company Renewi.

Recycling options
One of the large waste streams is A-quality wood, which is collected and chipped by Renewi. The amount of waste per period varies due to the diverse event agenda, with peaks in February, May and September. It all adds up to a total of 800 m3 a year and the RAI hopes to give this wood a new life by reusing it within the company itself.

Needed: partners in the circular recycling chain
RAI Amsterdam is looking for ways to use the A-quality wood; in furniture or other interior elements, for example. The aim is to establish a partnership in which the manufactured products are reused during events in the RAI, making the chain fully circular.

For ideas, examples and tips on new destinations for the wood waste within the RAI, please contact

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