Building Holland 2015 very successful

The Building Holland event, which took place in RAI Amsterdam from 31 March to 2 April, made clear that the building sector sees a bright future ahead. Surveys among all visitors (decision-makers in the sector) showed that nine out of ten see new opportunities in construction. Nearly two-thirds of the visitors even indicated that they expect a market growth of 2% or more in the coming year.

Within the framework of (Re)Building the Future, Building Holland focused on bringing parties closer together to jointly lift ‘the new building’ to a higher level. Research shows that the opportunities in the construction and real estate sector mainly lie in transformation and renovation. Other issues mentioned in the top three answers are ‘chain-wide cooperation’ and ‘lifecycle-proof buildings’.

The response to the ‘Building Holland’ concept was positive. “The event generates a spirit of innovation among visitors and the positive balance at the end of the recession is tangible,” says Herman A. Arts of Leebo intelligent building systems. The atmosphere at Building Holland confirmed how people are seeing plenty of opportunities and possibilities ahead.

Wienke Bodewes, Chairman of NEPROM, opened Building Holland with the following words: “The worst is behind us and we are now focussing on the future. House construction has taken off once again. In Amsterdam, real estate prices have almost reached the same level as before the crisis. Together with all disciplines in the chain we have to address the demand more specifically and connect in a more intelligent and more sustainable way. Building Holland provides the perfect climate to do so.” Building Holland attracted 24% more visitors than the previous year, 56.4% of whom were decision-makers.

(Re)Building the Future
The goal of Building Holland is stimulating connections within the entire construction chain to enable the development of sustainable, smart and efficient buildings. A wide range of partners work together in the construction and real estate sectors to create one overall product. There is no comparable sector that can save seven billion euros in failure costs while also being able to make a substantial contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. These goals can only be realised by sharing knowledge and networks and learning from each other throughout the chain of construction.

Herbert van der Heijden, owner of Van der Heijden and Fit Ingenieurs agrees: “As contractors, we only add 15% of value to a project. The other 85% comes from the supply network. So who are we to believe that we are the ones to determine the value of a project?”

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