Average consumers enjoy shopping with personal attention

Physical contact still important to Huishoudbeurs visitors
The average consumer still believes in the importance of personal contact. This was the outcome of two unique marketing seminars that took place over two days of the Huishoudbeurs in RAI Amsterdam. Approximately 90 marketers sat down with visitors to the largest consumer exhibition in the Netherlands and interviewed over 380 individuals. Insight was also gained by observations made on the exhibition floor.

On Monday 22 February over 30 professionals and members of the Platform for Client-led Business Operations (PvKO) set to work with the question: what is a ‘good customer experience’ for consumers? They asked approximately 90, mainly female, consumers how they thought they should be treated by large companies. Visitors indicated that they felt a personal approach was very important.

Human approach makes the difference
All discussion partners said how much they valued personal attention, a listening ear, the feeling that demands are being met and a respectful attitude. With the foundations in place, the difference lies in the human approach. Ordinary consumers are not always looking for new products, online features and new tricks – they prefer personal contact.

“We have heard it before in Café Bepp, and now it was underlined by all 90 visitors,” says Bart van de Ven, owner of TrueTalk. “Successful companies operate on the border between efficiency and the human approach and the need to facilitate consumers. This has and always will be the case.”

Huishoudbeurs exhibition manager Nicole Mengerink adds: “The outcome of this research underlines the value of this exhibition. We are firm believers in physical contact remaining important and that visitors require personal attention. This confirms the winning formula of the Huishoudbeurs, which is celebrating its 71st edition this year.”

Shopping: changing but still important
Well-known retail chains may be going out of business, but does that mean that people no longer want to shop? Sixty shopping marketers, members of the Instore Shopper Marketing Institute (ISMI), discussed this issue on Tuesday 23 February, focusing on three themes: ‘shopping and the mobile phone’, ‘shopping and the favourite brand’, and ‘shopping and the favourite store’.

Shopping is fun according to Huishoudbeurs visitors, and this fun should not be interrupted by the mobile phone, which is only functionally used. In addition, visitors indicated that their brand preference is decreasing. They do prefer physical shops and are sad that many large retail chains are experiencing difficulties.

About Café Bepp
In Café Bepp companies had the opportunity to sit down and talk with visitors to the Huishoudbeurs. Consumers could share their client experiences and requirements while marketers were able to ask questions and test the consumers. Café Bepp is an initiative of RAI Amsterdam and TrueTalk, an agency for insight-driven marketing. For more information, go to: www.cafebepp.com.

Practical information Huishoudbeurs 2016
The Huishoudbeurs takes place from 20 to 28 February 2016 in RAI Amsterdam and the main sponsors are Miss Etam and Leaseplan. The exhibition is open daily from 11.00 to 18.00, and on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February from 11.00 to 22.00. Festival Fantastique (Hall 2) and Happy & Healthy (Elicium) are open daily from 10.00. More information: www.huishoudbeurs.nl.

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