Anatomy of the Waste Bin workshop at Interclean Amsterdam

Visitors to this week’s Interclean exhibition can find out how an eco-friendly waste stream works in practice. Which items end up in the waste bin and what can be recycled? The Anatomy of the Waste Bin workshop offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover ways in which they can reduce their footprint. 

Forerunner in waste management
RAI Amsterdam has a zero waste ambition, seeing waste as material with a potential for reuse. All RAI waste is fully recycled and used as a raw material for new products. 

The waste management strategy of RAI Amsterdam is designed to ensure the company is among the best in class within the global conference and event industry. As an ambitious forerunner, RAI Amsterdam has been investing in innovative solutions for more efficient waste management since 2007. A great deal of progress has been made and the RAI and Renewi (part of the Shanks Group) have been successfully following a ‘zero waste’ trajectory for the past six years. 

Like to know more about waste management and the impressive results related to the environment at RAI Amsterdam? See the dedicated Sustainability Report for 2017.




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