All the world’s Rembrandt paintings on show this summer in RAI Amsterdam

To celebrate Rembrandt Year, the Discover Rembrandt – His Life and All His Paintings exhibition will be held in the RAI Amsterdam convention centre this summer . The remarkable event will feature reproductions of all 350 works painted by Rembrandt, including those that were damaged, hidden or stolen. Each work will be reproduced in its actual size and shown in chronological order to tell the famous painter’s story. A true ode to Rembrandt, the exhibition will run from Saturday 6 July to Sunday 1 September in the Elicium ballroom. 

Discover Rembrandt – His Life and All His Paintings provides a deeper insight into the art and life of one of the greatest painters in history. The exhibition shows Rembrandt’s complete oeuvre of paintings in the city where he once lived. 

We are extremely proud that all Rembrandt’s works which have been spread around the world will be brought together here, in the RAI,” says Martin van Nierop, Hospitality Director of RAI Amsterdam. “It will be a unique experience for visitors of all ages.” 

The Night Watch in original condition
Rembrandt’s works have been collected digitally throughout the years. Due to the inexhaustible expertise of professor Ernst van de Wetering, the world’s most renowned Rembrandt expert, and the latest digital restoration techniques, all of Rembrandt’s paintings have been returned to their original state. This means The Night Watch, too, will be shown in its original condition, including the parts that were cut off in 1715. 

Absolutely unique
While some 350 paintings are currently attributed to Rembrandt, only 41 of them are part of Dutch collections and the others are spread out over 18 different countries. All these works will be shown at the RAI, including the 50 pieces which are currently inaccessible to the public. Together with disappeared or damaged works, Discover Rembrandt promises to be a truly unique exhibition. 

For young and old, business and private
The exhibition will be a great experience for visitors of all ages. Adults can take part in painting workshops, while children between the ages of six and twelve are invited to be creative too. Discover Rembrandt also offers an excellent opportunity to invite business relations for everything from drinks to a sit-down dinner between the Rembrandts. 

Discover Rembrandt is a partnership between Stabilo International, Enterprise & Art and RAI Amsterdam.

Click here to buy tickets for Discover Rembrandt – His Life and All His Paintings. 


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