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  • February 18, 2016
  • RAI Amsterdam
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A visit to the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is a must for everyone interested in the latest technologies and developments in watersport world. The InnovationLAB at the event is the central location for all market developments, trends and innovations. In cooperation with Delft University of Technology Dreamteams, InnoSportLab The Hague, Ortega Submersibles BV and Q-concepts, various demonstrations of innovative projects will enhance the interaction with and experience for the show’s visitors. Highlights include a coachboat with the very latest technologies, various submarines, and ergometers that allow visitors to experience the difference between rowing with and without hydrofoils. In addition, the exhibition will feature the products nominated for the HISWA Product of the Year Award. HISWA 2016 takes place from 16 to 20 March in RAI Amsterdam.

InnoSportLab The Hague will be exhibiting a coachboat fitted with the latest technologies. Designed for the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the boat includes Sailmon Weather Telemetry (wind measuring equipment) and an angle sensor (coaching technique). A measurement buoy provides sailors and coaches with wind and current data at the sailing location. In addition, visitors can experiment with storm umbrellas, play with an app that collects data for sailing coaches, and step onto the coachboat themselves. They can also see and experience how cooling vests work, used by sailors and surfers to cool before and during competitions in warm climates, and learn more about other projects on a large screen.

Ortega submarine
Ortega Submersibles BV develops and manufactures Diver Delivery Vehicles. Divers have a limited speed and range and cannot carry much equipment, but the LifePo driven Ortega Submersibles offers them speeds up to 15km/h above and below water and a range of up to 150km. It also includes large cargo spaces on board, which enables underwater archaeologists, maritime biologists and other professionals and adventurers to perform their tasks in a better and more affordable way. The InnovationLAB at the HISWA features the one-person test model.

Q-concepts will be bringing its Skeiron, a Dutch airborne wind turbine in the shape of a wing that can generate up to 10kW of electricity. The turbine operates automatically, is lightweight, extremely strong and is between four and ten times better financially, technically and with regard to material use than classic small wind turbines. This keeps costs low, and increases their applicability. In addition to generating energy, the wing also contributes to propulsion on board. Skeiron will introduced to the market in 2017 but can already be admired in the InnovationLAB.

Q-concepts is also working on a hydrofoil sailboat, which will make hydrofoiling – flying over the water – accessible to a large target group. The InnovationLAB features the pre-production model of the new vessel.

Delft University of Technology
Delft University of Technology will be presenting various innovative projects in the InnovationLAB. The WASUB V, a human-powered submarine exhibited at HISWA 2015, broke the world speed record for human-powered submarines at the International Submarine Races in the USA. For the European International Submarine Races in the UK this year, the WASUB VI team is featuring innovations in the field of manoeuvrability and stability with adjustments to the interior and exterior of the sub. This involves issues such as new construction techniques, optimisation of the fins and the implementation of an autopilot.

The Solar Boat Team is returning with a fully solar powered hydrofoil vessel which will be competing in the World Championships in June. The vessel features a new hull, strut and hydrofoil design, self-developed electronic components and better solar cells than are currently available on the market.

The RISE project will also be on display, a four-person hydrofoil rowboat which showcases the developments made toward a new one-person rowboat (skiff). Visitors to the HISWA will also be able to experience how it feels to drive the Solar Boat, step on board the WASUB VI and compare the difference between rowing with or without hydrofoils via ergometers. These and many other innovations will be available in the InnovationLAB in Hall 7.

HISWA Product of the Year Award
Like all previous editions, HISWA 2016 will again host the HISWA Product of the Year Award. An independent jury has evaluated all the submissions for criteria such as their unique character, price, innovative nature and applicability. In addition, the product must already be available on the market. The following six products received a nomination:

  • VolansCOASTAL (Volans Rowing & Sailing)
    An innovative rowboat for active fun on the waves: stable, strong, lightweight, self-draining, safe, easy to use and quickly readied.
  • Spinlock Lume-On (Vrolijk Watersport)
    Water-activated LED lights that illuminate the inflated lung of life vests for better visibility and an optimal chance of rescue.
  • Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP and 4.0 FP (De Stille Boot)
    Pod motors of 2 and 4 kW, suitable for vessels with a displacement between two and four tonnes respectively.
  • Quantum ™ Wireless CHIRP radar (Raymarine Benelux)
    An ultramodern solid-state radar with an excellent performance at short and long distances; can be linked to Raymarine Multifunction displays via Wi-Fi.
  • IRig (Boardguru)
    The world’s first inflatable windsurf rigging.
  • Load Bearing Collar (Rosch Marine)
    Collars to support ball valves for optimal safety in vulnerable situations; once fitted the valves can resist a static force of 227 kg for over 30 seconds.

All nominated products will be presented in the HISWA InnovationLAB. The winner will be announced during the opening of HISWA 2016 on Wednesday 16 March in RAI Amsterdam.

About the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show
The HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is the largest watersport event in the Netherlands and a source of fascination to all watersport enthusiasts. The ideal start to the sailing season, the exhibition takes place from 16 to 20 March 2016 in RAI Amsterdam.

More information is available via the website www.hiswarai.nl , Twitter (twitter.com/HISWAamsterdam) and Facebook (facebook.com/HISWAamsterdam).

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