A new look for the RAI’s northern edge

Established in 1961 when the iconic Europahal first opened, RAI Amsterdam has since grown into a multidimensional convention centre. With different buildings completed at various times over the past 50 years, today the site showcases a unique diversity of building styles and architectural fashions. 

That said, the architecture of the complex is more uniform than might initially appear. Under the direction of architects Alexander Bodon until 1993 and Mels Crouwel ever since, elements such as the framework, abundant use of glass, spacious interiors and unique roof constructions have been consistently implemented throughout the various buildings. These characteristic features will also be part and parcel of our expansion project for Hall 5. The hall looks a bit outdated right now and the plan is to remedy that by giving the entire northern side of the RAI complex on Wielingenstraat a fresh appearance.

The work will include:

  • Enhancing the stylistic uniformity of the site by extending the concrete framework of the halls on the Europaplein and the Amtrium into the new expansion
  • Creating a more modern and open image by means of a new glass facade
  • Extending the hall by 30 metres, adding some 4,000 m² of exhibition space
  • Changing the main access for Hall 5 to entrance L, which is the main lobby of the Amtrium, and reducing congestion in the process
  • Adding a green strip for clearer separation from the street

The renovation of Hall 5 has also prompted us to redesign car park P9. This parking area will become smaller, requiring us to take a closer look at our logistics – our ambition is at any rate to reduce vehicle traffic in the future.

If you have any questions about the expansion, please contact corcom@rai.nl.


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