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  • March 29, 2016
  • Claar van Ittersum
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It’s no longer sufficient to simply say ‘thanks for coming and see you next year’. To make people enthusiastic about an event you need to connect with them. Events are increasingly part of a broader platform which continues throughout the year – before, during and after the event. RAI Amsterdam is now actively using video content to stay in touch with visitors to our events all year round.

When I started at the RAI seven years ago, we did very little with video content and exhibitionTV. Having previously worked in the media sector I instantly saw plenty of opportunities for the RAI and was glad to be given the chance to further expand the video component and make it an integrated part of our events.

The power of video content
Online video has enjoyed significant growth over recent years. People think in images and tend to remember video better than text. What’s more, video content is an exceptionally effective tool to convey what is happening here, especially when we leverage on all the content available from exhibitions, conferences and the like.

It is also an ideal way to disseminate the rich content physically available during an event more widely among our target groups, as well as after the event. Video is increasingly being deployed prior to events to get visitors in the mood and share what an event has to offer. It also allows us to give exhibitors a way to enhance their participation by recording videos for use during the event and which we can spread via our platforms. This increases exhibitor reach and enriches platforms with relevant content.

Some of the main aspects of video content
If you are or would like to be involved in video content, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Take filming into account when you develop plans for an event.
    Align or integrate content that is suitable for filming, such as a session on a podium. This can also be made interactive and put online via a live stream to make it accessible worldwide and further expand the target group. The speaker should be aware of this during the session and you could also add a moderator to interact with the online and physical target groups.
  • Make videos as brief and dynamic as possible.
    The length depends on the message, goal and channel. Interest wanes after just 60 seconds so it’s important to engage the viewer quickly. The issue of ‘What’s in it for me (as viewer)?’ is crucial. A complete report of a session (of say 30 minutes or more) may be interesting, but only if the content is fascinating. A short compilation of the highlights is usually sufficient. In addition, it needs to be an attractive video with a good structure. Make a script in advance so you know what to film and edit.
  • Work with the experts within the sector.
    Discuss these questions with them: What is your target group looking for? Which topics and speakers would your target group like to hear more about? Experts can also contribute to the script by providing relevant information for you to integrate.
  • Make a content calendar for the entire year.
    Consider carefully in advance what you want to publish on which channel before, during and after the event. Make a concrete and detailed schedule by way of a content calendar. This will give you comprehensive and relevant video content that can be used optimally and over a long time period. You can post videos during the event but also save part of them for later. This might involve themes that can be useful later in the year because they are still current, supported by (new) video content.

A final tip
Video content is also a very interesting tool from a commercial perspective and gives exhibitors an additional way of making the most of their participation. For example, you can offer exhibitors the chance to make a video of their stand and publish it via your platform in order to expand reach. Other interesting commercial options include commercial breaks and break-bumpers.

If you have any questions on this topic, feel free to e-mail on c.v.ittersum@rai.nl.

Claar van Ittersum

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