The best of 2017 - great tips for a perfect event

This blog is a platform for RAI experts to share their knowledge and tips on topics ranging from CSR to matchmaking, from catering to communities. Just in case you missed one of the blogs published during the past season here are some of the highlights.

Knowledge centre
The RAI is more than just an event venue. Scores of experts work every day to enhance the success of any event and some of them have been sharing many years of knowledge and experience via this blog. Here we present a short compilation of their ideas as food for thought for the summer.

Meetings determine success
Events are all about valuable encounters. How can you as an organiser facilitate these and, in the process, increase the value of your event? Strategy manager Max Weijers reveals the intricacies of matchmaking and explains which new opportunities are made possible by ‘indoor positioning’. How does this enable you to boost the success of an exhibition while making it more measurable? Should you emulate Google and Facebook? Data specialist Vanessa Visser shows that organisers are sitting on a goldmine of data and explains the steps required to use this data to best effect.

Physical perfection
Physically pampering guests has always been and remains an important factor in ensuring a high degree of satisfaction with an event. Executive chef Rientz Mulder shares his tips for perfect event catering while Ferdie van Dam of Hotel Services tells you how to get the best and most cost efficient hotel bookings. And who said that an exhibition or conference always means staying indoors? “Let's go outside,” suggests business development manager Denise Capello, who explains how you can ensure your event is an impressive experience by getting the most out of your location.

Safety first
The unseen bedrock of every event are the people who set up and break down the backdrop, often at a pace that might put Superman to shame. Of course, safety is paramount during this process and our safety & security manager Rik Hoogendoorn explains how to prevent accidents.

Sustainability pays
Taking good care of the world around us makes good sense. Sustainable events are the future, and more and more organisers are asking for opportunities to make their own events more eco-friendly. This is easier than you think and could also save you money! Would you like to know how to minimise your rubbish and food waste? Or how to contribute to positive developments in the world? Our CSR manager Stephanie Mathas will be happy to explain. We even published a handbook on this topic. A foretaste is the step-by-step approach to sustainable events that Stephanie shares with you. You can also download the RAI Manual for Sustainable Organising free of charge.

An event that lasts throughout the year
Connections, connections, connections: they’re the major capital gained at each event. Organising an online community lets you increase the impact of your physical event and facilitate contact with and between members throughout the year. Online product manager Henk-Jan Griffioen shows how to set up a community and reveals the rules of thumb for killer content that encourages interaction and dialogue.

The future is bright
COO Maurits van der Sluis was surprised to hear this year that, while most people agree that events have enormous value, youngsters supposedly no longer feel like exhibitions and conferences make sense. In practice, he sees the opposite: the new generation in particular actually forms strong communities in need of live meetings. They do, however, have different requirements than their predecessors. Maurits explains what you can do to future-proof your event and attune it to the changing needs of your target audience.

Enjoy the summer
Our experts are looking forward to sharing more about developments in the events industry. Besides the contributions of our regular bloggers, you can also expect new topics such as the use of e-gaming at sporting events and how to determine the ROI of your event. See you in September!

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