RAI Amsterdam is a fully independent company financed by private means. Each year we publish our annual report, which gives a comprehensive review of our current activities and our vision for the future.

All activities come under RAI Amsterdam B.V., a subsidiary of RAI Holding B.V. This holding is owned by Amsterdam Council (25%) and the RAI Association (75%).

Thanks to consistently positive results, RAI Holding has a solid balance sheet. To continue realising these positive results it is important that a significant proportion of the cost structure is flexible enough to adapt to revenue fluctuations.

Below you can read about the highlights of 2016 as well as the complete reports of the last six years.

Foreword by the CEO

The year 2016 was a good one for RAI Amsterdam. All predetermined commercial goals were realised, and we saw good results for our quality indicators: organisers gave our convention centre an average score of 8.2 (2015: 7.7); visitors rated our own exhibitions with a 7.8 (2015: 7.3); and exhibitors gave our exhibitions in 2016 a 7.8 (2015: 7.5). Employee satisfaction, which is measured every two years, reached a new highpoint in late 2016 with a score of 8.2 (2014: 7.9). The bottomline operational results were €9.4 million (2015: €8.9 million). 

Read more in our Annual report 2016.

Annual report 2016


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