RAI Amsterdam is a fully independent company financed by private means. Each year we publish our annual report, which gives a comprehensive review of our current activities and our vision for the future.


All activities come under RAI Amsterdam B.V., a subsidiary of RAI Holding B.V. This holding is owned by Amsterdam Council (25%) and the RAI Association (75%).

Thanks to consistently positive results, RAI Holding has a solid balance sheet. To continue realising these positive results it is important that a significant proportion of the cost structure is flexible enough to adapt to revenue fluctuations.

Below you can read about the highlights of 2018 as well as the complete reports of the last years.

Foreword by the CEO

2018 was a true banner year for RAI Amsterdam. Together with our stake holders we achieved the best operating results since our establishment. More than 1.8 million people visited the convention centre in Amsterdam or the RAI’s events abroad in 2018.

Despite the busyness, customer satisfaction was even higher than in 2017. The RAI also found time to make significant investments in the development of an optimised strategy and various sustainable initiatives, with the Future Vision 2030 plan likely to have the most impact in the long term.

We are proud of this future vision, not least because it helps us tell our story. It shows in concrete terms what we really care about, in all its facets: to be an inextricable part of the city and contribute to the sustainable growth and development of people, markets and our environment.

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