Separation is one of the main subjects within the waste management policy of the RAI and a focal point before, during and after events. For each event, we make a dedicated waste plan in cooperation with Renewi.

Our waste management during setup, event and breakdown is based on 100% recycling and the ‘polluter pays’ principle. This means that organisers, exhibitors, standholders and in-house suppliers pay for the amount of waste they produce, making them responsible for their own waste. Unseparated waste is the most expensive type of waste, which means that separating waste results in cost savings.

We provide solutions for all types of waste in all amounts. Our partner Renewi supports this by providing sorting containers, bags and boxes. We also pay attention to clearly distinguishable methods in order to stimulate waste separation.

During events, Renewi employees make sure the waste streams are properly processed. Environmental inspectors from Renewi, easily identified by their red coats, provide exhibitors and organisers with personalised advice on how to remove their waste in the most efficient way.

Custom advice

Upon request organisers can receive a report after their event which indicates how well waste was separated during their event. This report can be used to learn from and increase the separation ratio during a following edition. In addition, the RAI can provide waste management advice in the pre-event trajectory.