Waste at the RAI is 100% recycled. After separation on our own premises and transport to the processing company, Renewi filters everything we could not separate ourselves. The separated waste is then converted into material with a new destination.

The RAI’s waste is separated into 13 different types, each of which is recycled. The residual waste we were unable to process at the RAI (water, metals, organic waste and energy units) is separated by Renewi into pellets, which are used to heat households. Wood waste is used to make chipboard; old paper is used to produce new paper and cardboard; and plastic is processed into films. Renewi supplies glass waste to companies that use it to manufacture new glass. Carpet is ground up into a new raw material for cement; old metals are melted and used as a raw material for new metals and sheet metal. Organic waste and oils & fats are converted into biofuel and delivered back to the RAI as green energy.

Recycled RAI Amsterdam

We are constantly looking for solutions to recycle waste into products that can be reused within the RAI and close the cycle. We have developed a ‘Recycled RAI Amsterdam’ range with products produced from RAI waste which are reused within RAI Amsterdam.

In 2015 the RAI adopted a new, modern house style. This offered us the major challenge of finding solutions for reusing materials featuring the old house style. One solution was to use the former RAI envelopes for envelope books: notebooks designed by a young, talented Dutch designer and made in a social workshop.

With the implementation of the new house style we have also renewed our company clothing. Old aprons, trousers, vests and skirts were recycled into bags for flex workers, while the trousers of our Technical Services and Traffic Management employees were recycled into iPad covers used as corporate gifts. The luminescent traffic coats were recycled into ottomans which are reused in the RAI.