Together with our waste processing partner Renewi we realise 100% waste recycling. This is based on the principle of zero waste and the concept that all waste is material looking for a new destination. Turning waste into art, clothing or (bio)fuel, we recycle as much waste as possible into new end products and aim to use those products ourselves.

We involve the entire chain in order to inspire as many people as possible to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Waste is collected in innovative ways to ensure it does not leave the RAI’s premises.

Waste management at the RAI

We are aware that our business generates a lot of waste: each exhibition involves setting up a ‘village’ for a few days which is then torn down after the event in order that we can start building another one. It is therefore essential that we tackle the issue well, starting with preventing waste wherever possible by using materials in a clever way. In addition, materials that are left at our premises before, during and after an event are properly separated together with our partner Renewi so that they can be fully recycled into new products, raw materials or fuels; products we can preferably reuse at the RAI itself.

Infographic waste management 2015

Partnership with Renewi

Renewi, part of the Shanks Group, has been fully responsible for the waste management process in the RAI since 2012. Together with Renewi we have completed a Zero Waste trajectory in which the main focal points are:

  • Logistics: reducing transport movements by taking a smarter approach to activities
  • Manpower: efficient and responsible use of personnel
  • Technology: searching for technological applications for our basic process
  • Circular economy: 100% recycling and looking for more ways to give our end product added value

Renewi has a range of certificates including a 26000 self-assessment, ISO 1400, the CO2 Performance Ladder, NEN 4400-1 and the Code for Responsible Market Behaviour.