RAI Amsterdam attracts countless visitors a year. We aim to ensure that each visit proceeds safely and efficiently to reduce any impact on our surroundings. Our focus is on preventing congestion, stimulating alternatives to car use, and limiting and preventing emissions, nuisance and noise disturbance.

RAI Amsterdam can be reached easily, quickly and in a sustainable way. Clean, fast and easy transport to and from the RAI is available to everyone. Thanks to its ideal location, the RAI is also used as a P+R location to help reduce traffic in the city centre.

Fast and sustainable public transport

We stimulate the use of public transport to and from the RAI. The RAI has its 'own' rail station (Amsterdam RAI), situated a stone's throw from the RAI complex and easy to reach by train from throughout the Netherlands. People who leave their car at home and take the train create 95% less CO2 emissions. In 2017 all NS trains will be using new green energy, mostly generated by wind power. This creates the possibility of climate-neutral travel to and from the RAI. For more information see www.ns.nl/en.

There are also a tram and metro stop in front of the RAI. All trams and metros in Amsterdam use green energy. Tram line 4 travels between the RAI (Europaplein stop), the centre of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Central Station. From the Amstel train station, the RAI can be reached with metro line 51 and buses 62 and 65. Metro line 51 is also connected to Amsterdam Central Station. Metro line 50, which stops at the RAI, has regular services between Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Gein.

Infographics Climate-neutral to and from the RAI

Biking to the RAI

More active visitors to the RAI have access to bicycle parking, and we are working on offering charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters.

Visitors arriving by public transport can use bicycles available at Amsterdam RAI train station for a small fee. This is a great way to combine a visit to the RAI with a trip into the centre of Amsterdam.

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Warm welcome for electric cars

RAI Amsterdam stimulates and facilitates the use of electric vehicles and has had charging stations for electric cars for several years. Since the introduction of our new multifunctional parking garage we have a total of 38 charging stations in P1, P4 and P7.

Taxi Electric

For our own guests we have made an agreement with Taxi Electric, a company which uses only electric taxis and generates lower emissions of CO2 and particulate matter. An additional benefit of Taxi Electric is the company’s social policy, actively recruiting chauffeurs among people of 50 years and over.

More information is available on the Taxi Electric website »

RAI Amsterdam P+R location

RAI Amsterdam is one of the P+R locations in the city of Amsterdam. Drivers can use our P1 garage to park their car on days with little or no event traffic, helping reduce traffic pressure in the city centre. Over 22,500 cars with an average of 2.5 occupants used our P+R location in the first year.