The RAI catering team is geared towards responsible catering, using authentic, local products with a taste of Amsterdam. The general public mainly encounters our catering on the exhibition floor. As this catering is also sometimes provided by subcontractors we have entered into a dialogue aimed at achieving sustainable results together.

Heartwarming Amsterdam

Our kitchen has made the deliberate choice to use ingredients with added value for the Greater Amsterdam region via a regional catering concept we call ‘Heartwarming Amsterdam’. The initiative was developed several years ago when our kitchen staff visited local companies to see how products such as meat and vegetables were being produced. This quickly translated into a passion for traditional products from the metropolitan region and the kitchen now uses various high-quality, pure ingredients to prepare fully sustainable meals.

The choices within the concept vary but the products always have to offer added value for the society or region. This way we are able to support small-scale producers in the metropolitan area and use less common products from the region and season.

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Heartwarming Amsterdam provides:

  • A selection of regional products from the Greater Amsterdam region
  • Animal-friendly choices such as free-range veal instead of products from boxed calves
  • Organic or otherwise sustainable alternatives for all regular products
  • Sustainably caught fish from the North Sea
  • Added value for society or region

Heartwarming Amsterdam is not a fixed range of products and can be aligned to the wishes of companies with high sustainability demands who prefer organic, eco-friendly, seasonal or regional products. Due to the small-scale character of the suppliers, it is not yet possible to provide this range on a large scale within a short time.

Infographics Heartwarming Amsterdam

Initiative against waste results in own food line

The Heartwarming Amsterdam concept has been expanded with the RAI’s very own Ketchup, Basil Olive Oil and Red Apple Vinegar. There is a cool story behind this development, which started with a phone call from local partner Stadskwekerij Osdorp, asking whether we’d be interested in a batch of Rooie Sien tomatoes that no longer had a destination. Always looking to prevent food waste, we decided to make ketchup and, together with the Abma family, later extended the range with Basil Olive Oil and Red Apple Vinegar. These products also feature local ingredients and recipes which reflect the RAI’s Dutch roots. Try one now!

City farming

Opened in 2015, the Amtrium is a stunning multifunctional and eco-friendly conference and office centre on the Scheldeplein. The most sustainable conference building in Europe, the Amtrium was the first of its kind to receive a BREEAM-NL Excellent certification.

A major part of the new building is its five-storey vertical greenhouse, used to grow vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for the RAI catering outlets and THE ROAST ROOM restaurant. The latter uses the greenhouse products on a daily basis.

The vertical greenhouse is the green lung of the Amtrium, realising the building’s climate control by means of controlled air circulation combined with thermal storage. It is equipped with an automatic, fully computer controlled drip system to irrigate the crops, using rainwater supplemented with tap water.