In close cooperation with suppliers and clients we aim to create a sustainable location for events, now and in the future; a location which enables clean and environmentally friendly events via sustainable facilities, products and services.

With this in mind we actively work on increasing the sustainability of our location and range.

Sustainable building

We have been increasing the sustainability of the RAI for years. Below is an overview of all the elements that make our venue an eco-friendly event location.

Sustainable products and services

To create a clean and environmentally friendly event, we offer organisers and exhibitors the option to buy sustainable products and services. They can choose from a broad portfolio, ranging from carpeting, stand construction and furniture to catering and transport to and from the RAI. We now have sustainable alternatives for a significant part of our products and services. These options are included in our webshops for organisers and exhibitors, marked with a green symbol that donates a sustainable choice.

As we strive to expand this range, the goal is to make sustainability the standard rather than an alternative, while always retaining a good price/quality ratio.

Are you looking to organise a sustainable event? Check out our Green Organisers Manual for all the sustainable options and choices at RAI Amsterdam.

Download de Green Organisers Manual (pdf 1.3Mb) »