We aim to offer a 100% sustainable range of products and services to clients. Making our entire product range sustainable is a challenge as we have a broad portfolio spanning everything from carpeting and stand construction to catering and transportation to and from the RAI.

In close cooperation with our suppliers we are making good progress and are able to offer a sustainable alternative for a significant proportion of products and services. We aim to expand this range, with the goal being to make sustainability the standard not the alternative, while retaining a good price/quality ratio.

How can I organise a sustainable event?

The focus on and interest in sustainability and Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) has grown considerably over recent years. This reflects awareness that we can no longer ignore climate change, the growing global population and the shortage of food and natural resources. It is also based on the fact that sustainability goes hand in hand with innovation and creativity, which is both fun and fascinating.

Sustainability enriches experiences with insight into issues such as: "What do I need for the future? What helps me develop and grow?"

Events are the ideal location for finding sustainable inspiration; where sustainability can strengthen, surprise and enrich your experience. At the RAI, we enable sustainable event visits and much more besides… We also ensure that future visitors can continue to meet in an environment that is ready for today and tomorrow.

Like to organise a sustainable event at the RAI? Check out our Green Organisers Manual for all the sustainable options and choices at RAI Amsterdam.

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