We use solar energy generated by the 1806 solar panels on our roofs. Where possible we aim to make everything we consume ourselves in a sustainable way, and the 1806 solar panels on our roofs are a significant step in the right direction.

Expansion of our solar roof

There have been 1,632 solar panels on the roof of Hall 8 since the end of 2013. This hall has a roof surface of 12,000 m², over 60% of which is covered in solar panels. This is the maximum load based on the construction and use (rigging during events) of the hall. The system produces 360,000 kilowatt hours, equivalent to the annual electricity supply of 140 Amsterdam households. The solar panels represent a CO2 reduction of around 150 tonnes a year.

The opening of the RAI Amtrium multifunctional exhibition and conference building added another 174 panels to our solar power provision.

The future of solar energy at RAI Amsterdam

Some 2,500 solar panels will be placed on the roof of the Holland complex of the RAI for the Nhow RAI Amsterdam hotel in 2016. In addition, there are concrete plans to use the roof of the Amstel Hall for generating solar energy in 2017, with employees having the opportunity to participate by purchasing solar shares. If this is successful all the available space for solar panels at the RAI will be fully in use.