Every day we look for smart solutions to reduce our energy consumption and CO2 footprint, ranging from motion sensors and sustainable lighting to the installation of speed doors to reduce heating/cooling losses and the use of district heating. The RAI is always on the lookout for the most sustainable options.

Reducing energy consumption

Together with our clients we aim to minimise energy consumption. Clients are offered a sustainable and energy-efficient product range, including items such as LED lighting. We combat standby power use via smart meters and motion sensors, and also provide day and night power connections so stands don’t have to be connected to continuous power. At the end of the exhibition day we switch off power for all users except those who have ordered night power. This considerably reduces standby consumption at the stands, benefitting both the environment and client costs.

Use of district heating

RAI Amsterdam is nearing the zero line with regard to the use of natural gas as we have almost fully switched to district heating. This has considerably reduced our CO2 footprint. Using the residual heat from industrial processes, energy generation and waste separation via the city grid, district heating is a more sustainable energy source than natural gas.

Cooperation with Greenfox on lighting fixtures

Since 2009 Greenfox has replaced all 10,000 light fixtures in the RAI from T8 to more energy-efficient T5 fixtures. Greenfox is a social company specialised in making existing lighting more energy-efficient. It allowed us to reuse materials without making old materials obsolete. The fixtures were replaced by a supported employment workshop, and result in savings of over one million kwh, equivalent to a CO2 reduction of 900 tonnes.

Samenwerking Greenfox nieuwe armaturen