The RAI wants to offer people the opportunity to make the most of themselves and others. We create a continuous learning and living environment in which everyone can develop. RAI Amsterdam aims to actively and visibly contribute to the welfare and wellbeing of current and future employees, which is why we pursue a sustainable HR policy focused on the wellbeing, vitality and lifestyle of our employees.

RAI Vitaal

RAI Amsterdam promotes actions that increase awareness of the importance of health, actively encouraging employees to take part in a programme called ‘RAI Vitaal’. Here the focus lies on topics such as:

  • Health & fitness
  • Stimulating work enjoyment
  • Finding the right balance between work and private life
  • Preventing stress and absenteeism
Top Employer 2016

RAI Amsterdam Top Employer

RAI Amsterdam received the official Top Employer certificate in February 2015. The wide-ranging assessment which preceded this achievement focused on the HR policy deployed by RAI Amsterdam in nine domains: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, On Boarding, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management and Culture.

Special attention was given to the extent to which policy is respected in practice and, after an objective assessment, RAI Amsterdam was certified as a Top Employer. For current and potential employees, this means that the company provides optimal working conditions and ensures ample space for personal and professional development.

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Sustainable employability

RAI Amsterdam aims to ensure the ongoing employability of its staff with a specific policy for health, safety, career development and vitality. This helps our personnel remain productive, motivated, fit and healthy both within and outside of the company.

There are three focal points to sustainable employability within RAI Amsterdam:

  • Fostering dialogue between managers and staff to discuss employability now and in the long term
  • Creating a culture of responsibility among workers so that they enhance their own employability
  • Future-proofing policy and means in order to provide support in terms of sustainable employability