RAI Amsterdam is the meeting place in Amsterdam and the essence of the city is embedded in our convention centre. This is a place where paths cross and where people from near and far come together. We aim to create an open and safe meeting place where all sorts of people come together to stimulate and support each other. An open and safe meeting place is an environment where everyone feels welcome and at home. The RAI is open to everyone: young and old, national and international. We also believe in the importance of maintaining good relationships with our neighbours.

An open place to meet

Due to its ideal location just outside the city centre of Amsterdam and a mere 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport, RAI Amsterdam is seen as a gateway to the inner city of Amsterdam. We use our location to help relieve the centre from traffic problems. The RAI serves as a P+R venue and is an ideal hub due to its excellent connections to the city via water, bike and public transport.

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A safe place to meet

RAI Amsterdam is one of the leading convention centres in Europe with regards to our safety policy. We aim to provide a safe place to work for internal and external stakeholders alike. The Safety at Work handbook developed by the RAI is also used by other European convention centres as a guideline for developing their own regulations.

The Safety & Security Board of the RAI safeguards our policy in this area, aimed at taking measures and precautions which support:

  • Continuous operations in a hospitable way
  • Protecting the interests of the RAI, its employees, clients, suppliers and visitors in the broadest sense

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Relationships with the neighbourhood

We aim to maintain good relationships with our neighbours, avoiding and reducing nuisance as much as possible. We also proactively organise activities for the neighbourhood.

We try to prevent noise disturbance as much as possible by using the acoustic RAI ‘noise map’. This allows us to predict whether we need to apply for a noise exemption permit and take preventive measures where necessary.

The following measures are taken to reduce traffic around the RAI:

  • Proactively stimulating the use of public transport to and from the RAI
  • Employing neighbourhood watches on busy days
  • Cooperating with the NS train company, Amsterdam public transport company GVB and taxi service Taxicentrale Amsterdam
  • Facilitating electric transport
  • Buffering truck arrivals during busy exhibitions
  • Employing the boat services of Mokum Maritiem

We also involve the neighbourhood in specific activities. For instance, every year we offer locals the chance to look behind the scenes of dance events, and we have organised several ‘open house’ days for them. We also have and maintain good contact with the various platforms and neighbourhood committees. This includes so-called ‘programming meetings’ which are held three to four times a year to facilitate contact between the RAI and the neighbourhood.