Natuur & Milieu welcomes Huishoudbeurs visitors in House of the Future

Energy-saving living can save visitors hundreds of euros a year 

Independent environmental organisation Natuur & Milieu will be taking part in the Huishoudbeurs from 20 to 28 February. As the RAI’s sustainable partner, the organisation shows how eco-friendly living can be fun and easy. Its House of the Future allows Huishoudbeurs visitors to experience the comfort and profitability of a sustainable home.

Major savings potential

Energy-saving measures range from small low-cost actions, such as replacing lamps by LEDs and installing weather strips, to major and more costly interventions such as insulation or replacing a central heating boiler by a hybrid water pump. The sum of all these efforts can result in considerable savings on the energy bill; triple glazing, for instance can result in nearly €300 in savings, while facade insulation can save up to €400.

House of the Future

The House of the Future provides insight into the many possibilities. It shows visitors what cavity wall insulation, solar panels, smart heating and energy-saving equipment look like in an actual home, and also highlights smaller measures such as reflective panels for radiators. It addition, it offers information on the costs of the various efforts, the possible savings on the energy bill and how quickly the investment is recovered.

Energy-saving women

Especially for women, the main target group of the Huishoudbeurs, there is still a lot to gain. Research shows that women (62%) often find energy saving more important than men (51%), while 26% of women often don’t have any idea of how much they can still save,  compared to 20% of men. The insight into measures that have already been taken is also more limited among women: around 23% of women have no idea whether their cavity walls are insulated, compared to only 16% of men.

Saving energy together pays off

From Sunday 21 February, between 13.00 and 16.00, non-profit organisation Buurkracht playfully highlights the role women play in the decision-making process with regard to saving energy. The free, non-commercial initiative by Enexis Holding N.V. brings neighbourhoods together to save energy and make energy saving less costly, easier and more fun. Buurkracht helps find the best savings options, stimulates the neighbourhood and provides (smart) meters that give insight into everyone’s energy consumption via a personal page on


The House of the Future is supported by Buurkracht, Marktplaats – which provided great second-hand furniture to show how a pre-owned interior can be used in style – and Forbo, which installed a trendy, sustainable marmoleum floor.