• Posted: 12 January, 2016

Councillor Vliegenthart presents contract to young people with occupational disabilities

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 seven young people with occupational disabilities received their employment contract from the hands of Arjan Vliegenthart, Councillor Work, Income and Participation and Jules Broex, HRM manager at RAI Amsterdam.

RAI Amsterdam is the first exhibition and conference centre in the Netherlands that has implemented the Participation Law, where people with occupational disabilities are given the opportunity to learn and gather working experience. In doing so, RAI Amsterdam contributes to the extra 125,000 jobs for people with distance to the labour market.

Joint effort

RAI Amsterdam works closely with UWV, ROC Amsterdam and WSP Greater Amsterdam (Employers Service Point (Werkgeversservicepunt). Awarding the contracts to the seven young people is an important milestone in this collaboration.

The young people work three days a week and one day a week they attend classes where they are trained to earn their degree 'Employee Hospitality and Service'. This is an internal training programme tailored for RAI Amsterdam by the ROC Amsterdam. The students are supported by a job coach and a are guided by a supervisor within the departments they work in.

Festive ceremony

During a ceremony, which was also attended by family, colleagues and supervisors, Councillor Arjan Vliegenthart spoke to the group: "I wish these citizens of the city of Amsterdam much luck in their future endeavours. This is their first and important step on the way to work. For people with occupational disabilities, it is not evident that they can function without assistance in the labour market. Therefore, this kind of learning experience is extremely important. The RAI has developed a good training program for people with an occupational disability. It is great that RAI Amsterdam takes responsibility in this matter."

Jules Broex, HR manager at RAI Amsterdam, proudly adds: "The RAI aims to actively and visibly contributes to the welfare and well-being of current and future employees. As a recognized work-based learning organisation, we are pleased that in this project students can prepare for the broader labour market to ultimately get a permanent position; here at the RAI or within other companies in the hospitality sector."

Round-the-table Session

After the festive ceremony, a dialogue chaired by Councillor Vliegenthart took place between a number of companies from the city of Amsterdam including RAI Amsterdam and WSP Greater Amsterdam. All participants belong to the "99 van Amsterdam”, a network of employers in the Greater Amsterdam area, who want to create opportunities for people with distance to the labour market. The dialogue session had the common goal to promote the implementation of the Participation Act in Amsterdam.

Leader in sustainability

"Creating a great environment to meet '. In the coming years RAI Amsterdam wil actively work towards fulfilling the ambition to become one of the visible front-runners in the field of sustainability in the European exhibition and conference industry. Click here for more information on CSR at the RAI.

Employers Service Point Greater Amsterdam

The Employers Service Point Greater Amsterdam (Werkgeversservicepunt WSP) is a collaboration between the UWV, Pantar (work-training company for the Amsterdam region), the AM Group and municipalities in the Amsterdam area. The WSP helps businesses across the Netherlands in social entrepreneurship and in the implementation of the participation Act.