Every day we work with our clients and suppliers to facilitate valuable encounters between people from around the world; meetings that stimulate the sustainable growth and development of people, markets and our environment. In doing so we have designated three focal areas:

• People & society
We want people to perform to their best, serve as a safe place to meet and generate social return in order to stimulate the growth and development of those with whom our business interacts.

• Sustainable organisation & facilitation
We aim for zero waste, climate-neutral operations and a sustainable product range so that we can ensure an environment that enables meetings both now and long into the future.

• Stimulating development & growth
We actively create inspiring events that stimulate the sustainable growth and development of people and markets in the Netherlands and abroad.

It is our goal to surprise and enrich the world with valuable meetings which really matter, now and in the future. Bringing people together expands borders… it inspires!