We work continuously to ensure a safe and hospitable RAI, enhancing awareness of safety issues in various ways.

As one of Europe’s busiest convention centres, RAI Amsterdam hosts around 600 exhibitions, conferences and (larger and smaller) events a year. The RAI is a non-stop business during the exhibition season, with a wide range of (international) people and equipment crossing paths in quick succession.

To ensure a warm welcome for all our guests, everyone has to be able to work in an environment that is safe and sound. For that reason, RAI has drawn up a number of safety rules, which must be observed by everyone.

Safety Rules during stand set-up and breakdown periods

Set-up and breakdown

The logistics and working methods related to the set-up and breakdown of stands are especially dynamic. It is vital that all safety regulations are observed to prevent accidents and incidents. Standbuilders and suppliers have to find their way in a complex working environment during set-up and breakdown together with organisers, exhibitors and RAI employees.

RAI Amsterdam complies with Dutch laws and regulations, and accepts responsibility by means of clear and carefully considered rules that are understandable and attainable for all. The goal is to create a ‘safe and hospitable RAI’ where all target groups can carry out their work safely and responsibly. In addition, the RAI aims to take into account changing perceptions regarding safety.


During setup and breakdown periods RAI Amsterdam is only accessible with a valid setup and breakdown badge. Everyone who wishes to be granted access to the halls during these periods must pre-register online.

Safe Working Practices Manual

Our goal is to create a hospitable environment with an enhanced emphasis on safety and increased awareness of the issue. The Safe Working Practices Manual applies to everyone who has occasion to be in or near RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre. The manual is a ‘living; document, in other words a document that will be periodically updated and upgraded.

Safe working practices manual »

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact at RAI Amsterdam if you have any questions or send an e-mail to safety@rai.nl.