The ideal place for your event. RAI Amsterdam listens to the wishes and ideas of our visitors, exhibitors and organizers. Thanks to researches and your ideas and insights we continue to renew our building
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI

    A brand new hotel, your stay will be a unique experience. nhow Amsterdam RAI, located on the RAI complex will become a new social and multicultural hub for business travelers, tourists and Amsterdam locals alike. With 650 rooms on 25 floors, the four-star nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel will bet he largest newly built hotel in the Benelux. The opening of nhow Amsterdam RAI is planned for Q1/2020.

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  • Expanding Hall 5

    To meet the needs of our biggest international events, we are always looking for ways to upgrade and expand our building. Hall 5, build in 1961, is situated in the Europe complex near hall 1 and can be used as standalone location or connected with the other halls in the Europe complex. RAI Amsterdam has the intention to extend hall 5 by 30 metres, giving it an extra multifunctional exhibition space of around 4,000 m². The new glass façade will result in a very open feel and appearance for the nearby residential area.

  • Improvement visitor flow Entrance C

    To guarantee a safe environment at RAI Amsterdam for our visitors, a new and extra staircase is installed at entrance C next to the already existing staircase and escalators. By placing this staircase, we improve the flow of visitors to hall 10, 11 and 12 and provide a quick access control on the ground floor.

  • A sky blue room E101

    Room E101 is transformed in one big room with direct access to the technical area and translation booths of the Forum Room. This room has no daylight but using the unique Coelux lighting systems we reproduce the true effect of natural sunlight entering throug the opening in the integrated ceiling.

  • Renewed catering outlets in hall 1

    Fancy a sandwich, healthy smoothie or freshly baked pizza? Our catering outlets in hall 1 are renewed. Have a networking or relaxing moment in one of our catering outlets with sufficiently cozy, good seating and a various choice of food and drinks.

  • Park Foyer

    The Park Foyer has a new function. After refurbishment during the summer the Park Foyer is a multifunctional location. A flexible sliding wall between the public area on the first floor and Park Foyer can be opened to create an open character or closed if used for a presentation.

    The new Park Foyer can be used as standalone location or connected to Hall 8 by opening the three doors (seven metres wide) between hall 8 and Park Foyer.

  • Forum Complex – Rooms E103 to E108

    In the Forum Complex we have six new and light meeting rooms. Placing five sliding walls allows the rooms to be used independently of each other or merged into one or more larger spaces.

    The hight of the rooms and the glass facades makes the rooms feel spatial and light. Ofcourse the rooms can be darkened with a darkening or light-filtering screen.

  • Strandzuid

    After a complete rebuild, Strandzuid (our own city beach) was reopened in a new permanent complex in the spring of 2017. Located behind our complex, the city beach now features an even larger area for events. The new complex is open for events year round. During fall and winter Strandzuid transforms to Zuidpool (South Pole), a bookings-only winter event area. The newly upgraded facility enhances the optimal configuration of our Convention Centre.