Hall 10

Hall 10 is next door to Hall 9, opposite Hall 11 and close to the Holland Restaurant.
The hall has a surface area of 4,164 m². Hall 10 has two lockable connection options to Hall 9. There is also a third option which is to take the fly-over from Halls 9 and 10 to Hall 8 and the loading door of Hall 10. The lockable connection to the Ruby Lounge at the Forum Centre creates the perfect option of leasing Hall 10 together with the Forum Centre. The connecting area can also be added to Hall 10 or the Ruby Lounge as a catering area. There is a raised terrace in the right rear of the hall which can also be used for catering. The same corner also features a kitchen. 

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Factsheet Hall 10

Factsheet Hal 10 ENG