Meeting and conference rooms

The ground and first floor of the Auditorium Centre house some 15 meeting and conference rooms.

There are three rooms on the ground floor for meetings with groups of between 8 to 50 people. The first floor features meeting rooms G102 to G111 and the Amsterdam Suite. These rooms vary in size and can be combined so they are suitable for groups from 22 to 300 people.

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Vergader- en congreszalen

Amsterdam Suite

The Amsterdam Suite is situated on the first floor of the Auditorium Centre. It is set up as a boardroom and this makes it very suitable for meetings or round tables. It has a surface area of 70 m². The space has air conditioning, its own wardrobe, audiovisual equipment including a 5.1 Surround Sound system and a 2 x 2 metre plasma video wall including a DVD player that can be controlled remotely.

G001-003 en G102-G111

The ground floor of the Auditorium Centre is home to three meeting rooms of which there are a further 10 on the first floor. These rooms can be used to provide training sessions, hold meetings or as the organisers’ offices during an event. The rooms can also be linked allowing you to organise a training session or a meeting for a large group of people.

Emerald Room

The Emerald Room is situated on the first floor of the Auditorium Centre and is encircled by the Emerald Lounge. The Emerald Room is perfect for meetings, as a location for a small conference and for break-out sessions. The lounge can also be used for lunches or for drinks.